Climate by Powers of 10 tells the climate story visually in images, maps, and graphs.  Using data from recent, peer-reviewed sources, the website tracks the full sweep of climate history and possible futures and makes the information accessible to students and general readers.  Looking both back and forward in time by powers of 10, the website allows users to choose a timescale to enter, from the year-to-year pace of weather disruption to the hundred-thousand-year cycles of ice ages, and hundred-million-year age of oil deposits. Glimpses into the future draw on IPCC projections, to help readers imagine worst-case and best-case scenarios.  Each stop offers an evocative glimpse of life at the time, stories about changes in human and non-human life, a map, and a graph of key indices from that timescale to the present, for example over decades, centuries, millennia, or millions of years.

The website offers an entry into climate data for those just learning about the crisis we face, as well a ready, visual reference for those already familiar with the contours of the climate situation.  Readers are invited to enter at any point in the narrative, compare maps and graphs across timescales, and to find their own way toward a meaningful understanding of the data.