• Big Rain Events in the Southeast
    A Big Rain event is the occurrence of two or more inches of rain in a two-day period. The number of such events varies by month and ENSO phase. Knowledge of the probability of the number of Big Rain events aids the planning of procedures to address impacts on water supply and resulting runoff.
  • Regional Downscaling
    The COAPS Regional Downscaling for the Southeast United States datasets are the result of a USGS-funded collaborative project. They consist of two main components: downscaling of Global Reanalyses (sub-project CLARReS10) for the period 1979-2000, and downscaling of Global Climate Models (sub-project CLAREnCE10) for the periods 1968-2000 and 2038-2070. Click on the sub-project name for details.
  • Seasonal Forecasts
    The atmospheric initial conditions are borrowed from the 10 ensemble members of the AMIP run (the members of the GSM are forced with observed SST and it has been integrated from 1950 onwards and updated every month when the observed SST is made available). The first 4 initial conditions of the atmosphere are forced by the mean SST prediction (average of 3 SST predictions), a minus SST prediction (the mean SST prediction minus an uncertainty factor), and a "plus" SST prediction (the mean SST prediction plus an uncertainty factor). This gives rise to the total 12 ensemble members. The SST prediction is made available from IRI.
  • Visualization Tool
    The Climate Data and Visualization Tool gives users a chance to examine data from approximately 100 long-term National Weather Service (NWS) First Order Weather Stations, NWS Cooperative Stations, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sites in Florida. The tool has predefined parameters, developed from some of the most common requests received by the Florida Climate Center, and displays data at monthly, seasonal, and annual time scales. The data are computed for the period of record for each station. The images to the right provide examples of the graphics that can be generated by using the tool.