Sea Level Rise and Coastal Cities 2018 Spring Break Field Course

This interdisciplinary team-taught course -- offered and taught by faculty from the Colleges of Design, Construction & Planning, Engineering, Law, and Journalism -- was coordinated by the Florida Climate Institute.

In the first part of the semester, students were introduced via lecture to climate science, fundamentals of the planning & design, law & policy, engineering, and communications challenges that sea-level rise presents for coastal cities, using St. Augustine, with its unique cultural heritage and resources, as a case study.

During an intensive field segment in St. Augustine over spring break, multidisciplinary grad student teams developed adaptation strategies to address the challenges of increased coastal flooding, outlining law and policy, historic preservation, design, infrastructure, and communication approaches. Working with city officials, staff, residents, and other experts, UF students applied their classroom learning to address real-world problems, developing creative solutions to pressing challenges facing coastal cities today.

Faculty Core Team: Alyson Flournoy and Tim McLendon, College of Law, Arnoldo Valle-Levinson, College of Engineering, Alyson Larson, College of Journalism, and Marty Hylton and Crystal Goodison, College of Design, Construction, & Planning 

UF Contributors and Lecturers: Kathryn Frank and Mike Volk from the College of Design, Construction, & Planning, Eban Bean from the College of Engineering, Andrea Dutton from the Department of Geological Sciences, Thomas Hawkins, from UF Law and 1000 Friends of Florida, Misty Sharp from the Department of Food and Resource Economics, and Dan Fesenmeier from the UF Department of Tourism   

Course Admin and Coordinator: Carolyn Cox, Florida Climate Institute

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The link below includes is a recording of the student presentations from their assigned sites in St. Augustine.



Group I: Avenida Menendez—9:00-26:00

Group II: Lake Maria Sanchez—27:00-48:37

Group III: Court Theophelia—49:15-1:04​

Outside the Box Engineering Solutions—1:04-1:12

Communications Strategy and Tech---1:12-1:22

Q & A--1:22  

Final Adaptation Strategy Proposals for each group can be found below

Group I: Avenida Menendez

Group II: Lake Maria Sanchez

Group III: Court Theophelia