The Florida Climate Institute (FCI) is made up of a diverse group of people interested in sharing research and skills related to climate issues. Anyone in Florida who works in climate research, teaching or outreach can become part of this network. To register as an affiliate, please complete our affiliate registration form.

The FCI provides a forum for a growing network of scientists, representatives from international organizations, local governments, and industry all joined by the vision to develop a sustainable future.


  • Collaborative and Interdisciplinary project development
  • Topical seminar series and conferences
  • Discussion groups and task forces
  • Access to climate change expert database
  • Participation in climate change and climate variability impact assessment
  • Education and outreach programs

Member benefits include:

  • Up-to-date information about climate-related research, teaching, and outreach resources
  • Access to the FCI’s national and international network
  • Regular newsletter on climate issues
  • Grants and funding opportunities and administrative support for grant applications
  • Career opportunities

Individuals who would like to receive updates about our activities but who don't work in a climate-related field and/or reside outside of Florida can sign up for our mailing list.