The Taskforce on Nature Markets, the initiative of NatureFinance (previously: Finance for Biodiversity Initiative – F4B), recently published this report with the objective of shaping a new generation of purposeful nature markets. Building on the Taskforce’s "The Future of Nature Markets" white paper, this document:

  • responds to a rise in “nature markets” that explicitly monetize & trade nature,
  • explores the developments in #environmental law & their implications, and
  • aims to support the Taskforce in delivering its mandate: ensuring the global economy interfaces with nature in ways that deliver nature positive, equitable & #netzero outcomes.

Given the importance that legal frameworks, precedents, and measures play in the governance of nature markets, this paper covers three serious emerging environmental rights which sit at the intersection of nature, law, and human rights. This paper examines developments in environmental rights, with an overview of the right to a healthy environment and ecocide, and then delves deeper into the emergent rights of nature. This paper analyses the implications for nature markets and how they could be shaped by these rights.

Read the full report and more details here