The Florida Climate Center has released their 2021 year-end annual weather and climate summary for the state of Florida. 2021 saw continued warmth across the state, tying with 2018 as the 8th-warmest year in the instrumental record. 2021 marked the 11th year in a row with above-average temperatures statewide, and 21 out of the past 22 years have been warmer than the historical average in Florida. Many counties recorded one of their top 10 warmest years on record. The statewide average precipitation in 2021 was 56.14 inches. This total ranked 48th-wettest in the instrumental record dating back to 1895. Winter and spring rainfall were below the 20th century average, while summer and fall were above average. Hurricanes Elsa and Ida and Tropical storm Claudette contributed to excessive rainfall across the western Panhandle and parts of north-central Florida.

Also, NOAA released their 2022 State Climate Summaries this month. “These state summaries offer up-to-date, local perspectives on climate in each state. The State Climate Summaries spell out recent local conditions for each state and provide insights about the state’s climate outlook based on historical trends and future projections.” 

Read the NOAA Florida State Summary.