CABI Agriculture and Biosciences is soliciting research manuscripts and novel contributions to a special collection entitled: Co-Benefits and Tradeoffs to Food Security from Mitigation and Adaptation in Agriculture

Special Collection Description:
Research at the nexus of climate mitigation and climate adaptation in agriculture remains challenging owing to both data and modeling limitations as well as the multi-scale analyses and stakeholder engagement required. Nevertheless, as the impacts of climate change intensify, there is an urgent need to close these science and policy gaps with rigorous analyses of how, and under what conditions, simultaneously pursuing agricultural adaptation and mitigation could provide valuable co-benefits and/or create trade-offs for food security, environmental change, and other important societal challenges. To fill these gaps, CABI Agriculture and Biosciences solicits high-quality manuscripts on (but not limited to):

• The data, models, and tools needed to evaluate agricultural mitigation and adaptation and subsequent co-benefits across biophysical and/or human (e.g., socio-economic) dimensions at multiple temporal and spatial scales
• Ongoing regional projects and case studies around the world that provide empirical bases to assess co-benefits stemming from combined mitigation and adaptation in agriculture
• Research addressing the socio-economic benefits and trade-offs, as well as the timescales of realizing mitigation and adaptation co-benefits
• Research on the science-policy links and policy implications of agricultural adaptation and mitigation co-benefits,
e. g., related to the development of national climate policies and commitments

The submission deadline is November 30, 2021

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