Building on the success of the last three FCI @UF Field Courses, the University of Florida and the University of Miami will be two of the five universities that will participate in the Envision Resilience Nantucket Challenge to address sea level rise. Harvard University Graduate School of Design, The School of Architecture at Northeastern University, and Yale School of Architecture will make five universities working together in this new model. Instead of an X-Prize-type competition, the teams have decided to create a new model for sharing ideas in a non-proprietary manner increasing collaboration.
Carolyn Cox, Coordinator of the FCI, is helping to design this multi-university, multi-disciplinary collaborative model with the goal of inspiring Nantucket and other coastal communities around the world to envision innovative adaptations to sea level rise. Envision Resilience brings together graduate (and some undergrad) students from five geographically diverse universities to collaboratively re-imagine the Nantucket waterfront. Each school participating in the spring 2021 design studio will assemble a team of eight to ten students from across disciplines, who will be tasked with identifying threats, researching possible solutions and proposing adaptive pathways forward.
Equipped with the latest climate research, a lecture series with national and international experts, planning guidelines, and an expert cohort of 23 Nantucket advisors, students will be encouraged to engage with community members to better understand the unique challenges of the Island. Fortunately, the multidisciplinary nature of the challenge promises holistic insight to the unique complexities coastal communities face with rising sea levels, especially since the teams will be guided by leaders in the field: Jeff Carney of the University of Florida, Chris Reed and Alysoun Wright of Harvard, Sonia Chao of the University of Miami, Sara Carr and Cullen Meves of Northeastern and Alan Plattus and Andrei Harwell of Yale.
Envision Resilience Nantucket Challenge design studio begins in late January. A weekly lecture series will deliver global, national and local expertise to inform the process. Each lecture will be recorded and available to the public. The spring studio will culminate in a hybrid programming event open to the community during the summer of 2021.
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