July 3, 2018 (Source: GSA) - Geological Society Fellowship is an honor bestowed on the best of the profession by election at the spring GSA Council meeting. GSA members are nominated by existing GSA Fellows in recognition of their distinguished contributions to the geosciences through such avenues as publications, applied research, teaching, administration of geological programs, contributing to the public awareness of geology, leadership of professional organizations, and taking on editorial, bibliographic, and library responsibilities.

Ellen E. Martin (University of Florida)
"Ellen has an impressive combination of a distinguished research program
in addition to an assiduous dedication to mentoring and leadership within
her department, university, and international scientific community."
—Andrea Dutton


Michael C. Sukop (Florida International University).
"Dr. Sukop's nomination is for his outstanding research publications and service
to the GSA Hydrogeology Division. His research includes using Lattice Boltzman
Modeling for investigating complex hydrogeological processes, such as multi-phase flow,
movement of droplets, and flow in karst. Dr. Sukop also investigates water management and coastal flooding in Florida."  —Larry McKay

GSA’s newly elected Fellows will be recognized at the GSA 2018 Annual Meeting & Exposition Presidential Address & Awards Ceremony on 4 Nov. in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA