201404nasApril 24, 2014 - On April 22-23, the Florida State University Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science hosted the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC) spring meeting. This meeting was part of the board’s efforts to connect more directly with atmospheric sciences and climate researchers and users of our science outside the beltway. The board was excited to hear about new research that faculty and students at FSU are pursuing, to learn more about challenges the region faces, especially on climate preparedness and weather extremes, and to consider how regional issues and approaches related to federal priorities and initiatives. The co-directors of the FSU branch of the FCI, Drs. Eric Chassignet and Vasu Misra, both gave presentations that included FCI research.

BASC is the focal point within the National Academy of Sciences for activities related to the atmospheric and climate sciences, serving as a source for objective, independent advice to the federal government and others. Through its board meetings, study committees, and convening functions, BASC strives to advance understanding of atmospheric science, meteorology, and climate; foster application of this knowledge to benefit the public; guide US research programs so they address key scientific opportunities and the needs of the nation; and ensure that the voice of the science community is considered in government planning and decision making.