CLARReS10 and CLAREnCE10 Datasets


Below are directions for directly accessing through THREDDS data server

On the main screen, there is a list of different datasets that you can select

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Select your desired Dataset and you will then see a list of the different download options that are available

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NetCDF - The next screen will let you select different variables, latitude and longitute
coordinates, and time range. Adjust the parameters to include your desired subset.

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Variable Definitions

*Request additional variables by contacting Lydia Stefanova

Field     Name     Units
Hourly precipitation   pratesfc   [kg/m^2/s]
Hourly 2-m specific humidity   spfh2m   [kg/kg]
U, V at 10m   ugrd10m, vgrd10m   [m/s]
Temperature at 2m   tmp2m   [K]
SFC Downward short wave flux   dswrfsfc   [W/m^2]
SFC Latent heat flux   lhtflsfc   [W/m^2]
SFC Snowfall rate water equiv.   srweqsfc   [kg/m^2/s]
SFC Ground heat flux   gfluxsfc   [W/m^2]
SFC Roughness   sfcrsfc   [m]
SFC Sensible heat flux   shtflsfc   [W/m^2]
SFC Pressure   pressfc   [Pa]
Daily 2-m Tmin and Tmax   daily/tmin2m   [K]
    daily/tmax2m   [K]