PI: Dr. Tom Smith, Research Ecologist, Southeast Ecological Science Center, USGS

Filed Under: Terrestrial EcosystemsClimate Sciences, Coastal Ecosystems

Abstract: This project is in support of research needs identified by staff of the Peninsular Florida LCC. The down-scaled climate model data from the La Florida project will be used as inputs to a variety of ecological models for a number of plant and animal species of interest in Florida and the SE United States. Climate envelop models will be developed to make predictions about potential range expansions, contractions and geographical shifts across the landscape. Species to be modeled could include endangered species (e.g. American Crocodile, Florida Manatee), charismatic fauna (e.g. wading birds, alligator), invasive, exotic species (e.g. Australian mangroves), and possibly others after the research team has consulted with resource managers and Land Conservation Consortium staff. Collaborating Investigators on this project include Dr. Stephanie Romanach, USGS, and Drs. Vasu Misra and Lydia Stephanova, at COAPS.