Contact Person: Bartels, Wendy-Lin

Collaborators: C. Fraisse, D. Zierden

Institutions: University of Florida, Florida State University, Southeast Climate Consortium, AgroClimate

Funding Agency: NCEP, USDA-NIFA, NOAA

Start: 2010 -

Status: Funded

Filed Under: Agriculture, Extension

Abstract: The broad aim of this Tri-state climate group is to encourage on-going interactions among row crop stakeholders for knowledge exchange and learning. Participants explore management options for adapting production systems in the face of a changing and variable climate. Workshops build and strengthen relationships and communication among participants involved in research, outreach, and practice. We emphasize hands-on, peer-to-peer learning through on-farm field visits, experimentation, and in-depth discussions. We strive to facilitate a two-way flow of information and ideas within this climate learning network so that local experiences can influence research directions (and vice versa).