**Some programs are limited. Please read solicitations carefully and consult your Office of Research for specifics, such as limited applications through your university and internal application deadlines.**

The Natural Hazards Center is pleased to announce a call for Flood Ready Research and Data Publication proposals in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences related to inland flooding.

Inland flood research is limited, so when extreme events—such as riverine flooding, flash flooding, and urban flooding—threaten communities, it is paramount that researchers collect and share perishable data with decision-makers. Such information can improve operational forecasts and warnings, minimize property damage, reduce injuries and deaths, and ultimately contribute to the collective good.

The goal of this funding call is to advance science through research focused on how diverse community members:

  • Perceive inland flood risks,
  • Prepare for inland flood threats,
  • Understand inland flood observations and forecasts,
  • Receive inland flood alerts and warnings,
  • Make protective action decisions, and
  • Respond to and recover from the impacts of an inland flood event.

Applicants can apply for one or more of the following three tracks:

  • Track 1: Provides $2,500 to $10,000 for research on activities that take place before inland flooding, such as inland flood forecasting, gauging risk perception, preparedness, and mitigation.

  • Track 2: Provides $2,500 to $10,000 for individual researchers or teams to study inland flood activities (e.g., weather alerts and warnings, evacuation decision-making and behavior, inland flood impacts, displacement, rebuilding, recovery) during and after flooding. For this track, the flood event to be studied must have occurred on or after December 1, 2022.

  • Track 3: Provides awards of either $1,250 or $2,500 for inland flood research instrument and data publication on DesignSafe, the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure platform that provides data management and storage solutions for extreme event research. The $1,250 awards will support publication of one or more research protocols, instruments—such as surveys, interviews, or focus group guides—or observation protocols from a single project that is focused on inland flood-related research. The $2,500 awards will be reserved for those who publish a dataset and associated instruments and protocols for a single inland flood-related project in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences.

Application Deadline: March 11, 2024 by 5:00 pm MT