**Some programs are limited. Please read solicitations carefully and consult your Office of Research for specifics, such as limited applications through your university and internal application deadlines.**

The Macrosystems Biology and NEON-Enabled Science (MSB-NES): Research on Biological Systems at Regional to Continental Scales program will support quantitative, interdisciplinary, systems-oriented research on biosphere processes and their complex interactions with climate, land use, and changes in species distribution at regional to continental scales as well as training activities to broaden participation of researchers in Macrosystems Biology and NEON-Enabled Science.

Categories of Awards:

Macrosystems Research Awards (MRA). Awards to advance Macrosystems Biology research broadly, including substantively NEON-enabled research, and innovative training to conduct this research. These awards may be up to 5 years in duration.

Macrosystems Small Awards (MSA). Awards employing targeted approaches to advance understanding of regional to continental-scale processes, addressing a theoretical challenge such as scaling or teleconnections, or for the development or advancement of novel approaches to processing, use and/or analysis of NEON data or collections within the context of Macrosystems Biology research questions. Proposals from early career investigators remain a priority. These awards will be limited to $300,000 and up to 3 years in duration.

Anticipated Type of Award: Standard Grant or Continuing Grant
Estimated Total Program Funding: $12,000,000
Expected Number of Awards: 10-15

Application Deadline: November 13, 2023