NASA ROSES 2018: Land Cover Land Use Change | Step 1 Proposal Due Aug 1, 2018; Step 2 Due Mar 1, 2019 - Florida Climate Institute

**Some programs are limited. Please read solicitations carefully and consult your Office of Research for specifics, such as limited applications through your university and internal application deadlines.**

The LCLUC program takes a regional approach to studying changes that have regional to global scale impacts. The region of interest for this solicitation is Asia. The following significant types of land-cover and land-use transitions in this region can be quantified and characterized using different types of satellite-based remote sensing and are of interest to the current solicitation:
• Transitions in smallholder agricultural systems
• Growth in urban areas and urban teleconnections
• Land use transitions in dryland systems

Deadline: Step-1 proposal due August 1, 2018. Step-2 proposal due March 1, 2019