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**Some programs are limited. Please read solicitations carefully and consult your Office of Research for specifics, such as limited applications through your university and internal application deadlines.**

The current announcement solicits proposals that address the following topics.

1. Exploitation of NASA satellite SSS measurements to investigate SSS variability, its influence on ocean circulation, and the linkage with climate and water cycle.

2. Synergistic use of NASA SSS measurements with other satellite and in situ measurements (including salinity measurements from SMOS and Argo, as well as satellite measurements of other oceanic parameters) for the aforementioned science investigations.

3. Evaluation and improvement of Aquarius and SMAP SSS products . The Aquarius Project is working to produce Version 5.0 of mission data set by late 2017. There is still much to be learned and improved in the Aquarius retrievals . Likewise, salinity retrievals fro m S MAP are scheduled for wide public release in early 2017, and much work will be required to evaluate and improve these products . Also, work to assure the continuity and consistency of the SSS products across the two missions is a high priority. SMAP salinity products may also provide a unique opportunity to carefully examine salinity fronts in the surface ocean and this avenue of research is encouraged.

4. Near-surface salinity stratification (in the upper few meters) and the underlying physical processes continue to need attention. In situ upper ocean salinity measurements and remote sensing of sea surface salinity sample different levels of the water column. Precipitation and evaporation drive near surface salinity signals . Assimilation of SSS data into g lobal models remains a challenge because of unresolved physics in the near surface layer. In particular, SPURS -2 data will be available in 2018 and beyond and its use and synthesis with respect to near - surface stratification is encouraged.

Deadline: Notice of intent due July 31, 2017. Proposal due August 31, 2017