The Foundation’s Conservation and Science Program is seeking a Climate Program Officer to manage and oversee its portfolio of work on bioenergy and carbon dioxide removal. In this newly created position that will join a team working on climate change, you will have an exciting opportunity to help shape and guide the trajectory of the Foundation’s work in the climate space. Climate change is a global problem that demands global action and as such, the Foundation has expanded its strategic efforts to address this urgent crisis. This role presents immense possibilities for thought leadership around philanthropic interventions that can support innovations and strategies to mitigate the most defining, pressing issue of our time.

Reporting to the Director of the Conservation and Science Program, this position will lead the bioenergy grantmaking strategy, which includes work on both biofuels and biomass energy. The Foundation also recognizes that in order to adequately and holistically address climate change in a manner consistent with the magnitude of the crisis, this portfolio must devote attention and resources to carbon dioxide removal efforts, including both natural and technological solutions. In helping to design and lead the Foundation’s work focused on carbon dioxide removal, the Climate Program Officer will leverage strategic skills and vision to chart a path forward in this burgeoning field.

This position will also play a pivotal role in shaping the broader philanthropic sector’s strategy around bioenergy and carbon dioxide removal efforts. Working in partnership with Foundation staff and other experts in the field, the Climate Program Officer will have the compelling opportunity to help deepen the field’s engagement in exploring innovations and non-traditional climate mitigation strategies that may not yet be receiving sufficient philanthropic support.

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