In recent years, there has been significant progress in U.S. Gulf Coast coastal flood observations, modeling, and forecasting efforts with communities facing more frequent and severe flooding, inundation, and sea-level rise. Many of these products and observations are now designed in active partnership with local and state partners, and are intended to assist community stakeholders with addressing today’s coastal flood hazards and future flooding, inundation, coastal change, and sea-level rise. This workshop will serve as a forum for assembling the research community working on these various Gulf Coast efforts to improve integration and collaboration among these entities to better serve coastal stakeholders. The workshop will also showcase case studies for how these products are evolving to meet a range of coastal stakeholder needs for addressing contemporary and future coastal flood hazards. Finally, the workshop will have an emphasis throughout on engaging with under-served and under-resourced communities. At the front lines of these impacts, it is critical that the research community’s approaches for working with coastal communities include intentional efforts to reach the entirety of our coastal populations.

The goals of the workshop include:​

  • Compile and characterize a set of ongoing coastal solutions projects that actively engage stakeholders at the city, county, and/or state level to co-design and deploy observing and modeling frameworks for coastal inundation and change along U.S. Coasts. SESSION 1
  • Review and synthesize stakeholder needs to help identify a set of core services (data collection and modeling/predictions) and solutions platforms (e.g. visualization and mobile app, community participatory processes, etc.) that are shared across regions while recognizing the unique characteristics and associated needs of individual communities. SESSION 2
  • Identify the highest priority (cross-cutting) short-term (6mos-1yr) and long-term (3-5yrs) research tasks that support the creation of core services that meet stakeholder needs. SESSION 2
  • Establish a roadmap for engaging the stakeholder community through subsequent workshops or listening sessions to improve integration and collaboration among west coast observing and modeling entities with the aim of enhancing stakeholder services. SESSION 2

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