The Ten Across (10X) initiative frames the US Interstate 10 corridor as the most compelling window on the future of the country, one which presents the challenges of the 21st century in the highest relief. 10X Water Summits convene thought leaders to share perspectives from their cities and states, revealing parallels that rise above differing place and politics and engaging the range of water conditions exemplified in this region as a leading indicator of our capacity to address issues of great scale and complexity. Questions of equality, governance, land use, energy and risk emerge from the subject of water. Pairing the lived experiences of the 10X transect with the wealth of available scientific information results in a depth of knowledge which conveys an acute responsibility to take action.

Hosted in the dynamic 10X city of Houston, the 3rd Annual 10X Water Summit will be a premier convening of decision makers, subject experts and entrepreneurial thinkers, with special emphasis on communication to a public faced with an unprecedented flow of fact, fiction and uncertainty.

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