The Florida Climate Institute is calling on all students across our universities to create compelling videos on climate challenges that will promote understanding of impacts and inspire action! 

The Challenge:
  • Form an interdisciplinary/creative team (min. 2 disciplines) to address climate-related challenges and solutions
  • Illustrate how science informs solutions but communicate a story in a new/novel way
  • Show evidence of the challenge and the significance of the challenge to society
  • Explain how adaptation and/or mitigation strategies will help society and better lives in a way that a non-scientist would fully understand. Potential audiences would include civic leaders, public health professionals, environmental advocates, neighborhood associations, developers, residential property owners, industries/polluters, teachers in grade school, middle or high school, engineers and architects, professional organizations
The Timetable:
  • Each participating FCI university will hold a campus-wide event in late September. Contact your FCI representative directly for local event info at  
  • The winning work from each local campus event will be entered into a statewide competition.
  • The winners from the statewide competition will receive cash prizes and be able to show their work at the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact Summit December 14-15 in Fort Lauderdale. The first place award for the statewide competition will be $500. The second place award for the statewide competition will be $250.

Download Competition Guidelines

Details about the Florida State University campus competition are now available here.