USGS - National Climate Adaptation Science Center Program | Application Due Sept 21, 2018 - Florida Climate Institute

**Some programs are limited. Please read solicitations carefully and consult your Office of Research for specifics, such as limited applications through your university and internal application deadlines.**

This Program Announcement seeks to identify organizations that propose to host and, as applicable, serve as consortium partners for a Department of the Interior (DOI) Climate Adaptation Science Center (CASC) in the following regions: Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center (NE CASC), Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center (PI CASC), and South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center (SC CASC); and to determine if their proposed science, partnership, and program support activities and strategies are appropriate to serve in these roles. The DOI CASC hosting awards carry out the CASC mission and address DOI Secretarial Priorities (see Attachment F for full list of Secretarial Priorities), including creating a conservation stewardship legacy second only to Teddy Roosevelt by utilizing science to identify best practices to manage land and water resources and adapt to changes in the environment, and restoring trust with local communities by expanding the lines of communication with Governors, state natural resource offices, Fish and Wildlife offices, water authorities, county commissioners, Tribes, and local communities..

Deadline: Application due September 21, 2018.