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Acevedo, M.A.; Beaudrot, L.; MeléndezAckerman, E.J.; Tremblay, R.L.; Shefferson, R. Local extinction risk under climate change in a neotropical asymmetrically dispersed epiphyte 2020 Journal of Ecology 108 1553-1564
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Amanambu, A.C.; Obarein, O.A.; Mossa, J.; Li, L.; Ayeni, S.S.; Balogun, O.; Oyebamiji, A.; Ochege, F.U. Groundwater system and climate change: Present status and future considerations 2020 Journal of Hydrology 589
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Biswas, H.; Zhang, K.; Ross, M.S.; Gann, D. Delineation of Tree Patches in a Mangrove-Marsh Transition Zone by Watershed Segmentation of Aerial Photographs 2020 Remote Sensing 12 2086
Biswas, H.; Zhang, K.; Ross, M.S.; Gann, D. Delineation of Tree Patches in a Mangrove-Marsh Transition Zone by Watershed Segmentation of Aerial Photographs 2020 Remote Sensing 12
Blunden, J. and D. S. Arndt, Eds. State of the Climate in 2019 2020 American Meteorological Society 101
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Camargo, S.J.; Giulivi, C.F.; Sobel, A.H.; Wing, A.A.; Kim, D.; Moon, Y.; Strong, J.D.O.; Del Genio, A.D.; Kelley, M.; Murakami, H.; Reed, K.A.; Scoccimarro, E.; Vecchi, G.A.; Wehner, M.F.; Zarzycki, C.; Zhao, M. Characteristics of Model Tropical Cyclone Climatology and the Large-Scale Environment 2020 Journal of Climate 33 4463-4487
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