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Arienzo, M.M.; Swart, P.K.; Broad, K.; Clement, A.C.; Pourmand, A.; Kakuk, B. Multi-proxy evidence of millennial climate variability from multiple Bahamian speleothems 2017 Quaternary Science Reviews 161 18-29
Arnold, T.E.; Diefendorf, A.F.; Brenner, M.; Freeman, K.H.; Baczynski, A.A. Climate response of the Florida Peninsula to Heinrich events in the North Atlantic 2018 Quaternary Science Reviews 194 1-11
Arnold, T.E.; Diefendorf, A.F.; Brenner, M.; Freeman, K.H.; Baczynski, A.A. Climate response of the Florida Peninsula to Heinrich events in the North Atlantic 2018 Quaternary Science Reviews 194 1-11
Carlson, A.E.; Dutton, A.; Long, A.J.; Milne, G.A. PALeo constraints on SEA level rise (PALSEA): Ice-sheet and sea-level responses to past climate warming 2019 Quaternary Science Reviews 212 28-32
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Dutton, A.; Webster, J.M.; Zwartz, D.; Lambeck, K.; Wohlfarth, B. Tropical tales of polar ice: evidence of Last Interglacial polar ice sheet retreat recorded by fossil reefs of the granitic Seychelles islands 2015 Quaternary Science Reviews 107 182-196
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Hibbert, F.D.; Rohling, E.J.; Dutton, A.; Williams, F.H.; Chutcharavan, P.M.; Zhao, C.; Tamisiea, M.E. Coral indicators of past sea-level change: A global repository of U-series dated benchmarks 2016 Quaternary Science Reviews 145 1-56
Jeong, A.; Lee, J.I.; Seong, Y.B.; Balco, G.; Yoo, K.-C.; Yoon, H.I.; Domack, E.; Rhee, H.H.; Yu, B.Y. Late Quaternary deglacial history across the Larsen B embayment, Antarctica 2018 Quaternary Science Reviews 189 134-148
Khan, N.S.; Ashe, E.; Horton, B.P.; Dutton, A.; Kopp, R.E.; Brocard, G.; Engelhart, S.E.; Hill, D.F.; Peltier, W.R.; Vane, C.H.; Scatena, F.N. Drivers of Holocene sea-level change in the Caribbean 2017 Quaternary Science Reviews 155 13-36
Mehterian, S.; Pourmand, A.; Sharifi, A.; Lahijani, H.A.K.; Naderi, M.; Swart, P.K. Speleothem records of glacial/interglacial climate from Iran forewarn of future Water Availability in the interior of the Middle East 2017 Quaternary Science Reviews 164 187-198
Napier, T.J.; Hendy, I.L.; Hinnov, L.A.; Brown, E.T.; Shevenell, A. Subtropical hydroclimate during Termination V (~430-422 ka): Annual records of extreme precipitation, drought, and interannual variability from Santa Barbara Basin 2018 Quaternary Science Reviews 191 73-88
Nash, D.J.; De Cort, G.; Chase, B.M.; Verschuren, D.; Nicholson, S.E.; Shanahan, T.M.; Asrat, A.; Lézine, A.-M.; Grab, S.W. African hydroclimatic variability during the last 2000 years 2016 Quaternary Science Reviews 154 1-22
Palmer, J.G.; Turney, C.S.M.; Cook, E.R.; Fenwick, P.; Thomas, Z.; Helle, G.; Jones, R.; Clement, A.; Hogg, A.; Southon, J.; Bronk Ramsey, C.; Staff, R.; Muscheler, R.; Corrège, T.; Hua, Q. Changes in El Niño - Southern Oscillation (ENSO) conditions during the Greenland Stadial 1 (GS-1) chronozone revealed by New Zealand tree-rings 2016 Quaternary Science Reviews 153 139-155
Sanborn, K.L.; Webster, J.M.; Yokoyama, Y.; Dutton, A.; Braga, J.C.; Clague, D.A.; Paduan, J.B.; Wagner, D.; Rooney, J.J.; Hansen, J.R. New evidence of Hawaiian coral reef drowning in response to meltwater pulse-1A 2017 Quaternary Science Reviews 175 60-72
Sharifi, A.; Pourmand, A.; Canuel, E.A.; Ferer-Tyler, E.; Peterson, L.C.; Aichner, B.; Feakins, S.J.; Daryaee, T.; Djamali, M.; Beni, A.N.; Lahijani, H.A.K.; Swart, P.K. Abrupt climate variability since the last deglaciation based on a high-resolution, multi-proxy peat record from NW Iran: The hand that rocked the Cradle of Civilization? 2015 Quaternary Science Reviews 123 215-230
Wu, D.; Chen, X.; Lv, F.; Brenner, M.; Curtis, J.; Zhou, A.; Chen, J.; Abbott, M.; Yu, J.; Chen, F. Decoupled early Holocene summer temperature and monsoon precipitation in southwest China 2018 Quaternary Science Reviews 193 54-67