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Aubert, C.; Brisset, E.; Djamali, M.; Sharifi, A.; Ponel, P.; Gambin, B.; Akbari Azirani, T.; Guibal, F.; Lahijani, H.; Naderi Beni, A.; de Beaulieu, J.-L.; Pourmand, A.; Andrieu-Ponel, V.; Thiéry, A.; Gandouin, E. Late glacial and early Holocene hydroclimate variability in northwest Iran (Talesh Mountains) inferred from chironomid and pollen analysis 2017 Journal of Paleolimnology 58 151-167
Mays, J.L.; Brenner, M.; Curtis, J.H.; Curtis, K.V.; Hodell, D.A.; Correa-Metrio, A.; Escobar, J.; Dutton, A.L.; Zimmerman, A.R.; Guilderson, T.P. Stable carbon isotopes ([delta]13C) of total organic carbon and long-chain n-alkanes as proxies for climate and environmental change in a sediment core from Lake Peten-Itza, Guatemala 2017 Journal of Paleolimnology 57 307-319
Mendieta, K.L.; Gerber, S.; Brenner, M. Florida wildfires during the Holocene Climatic Optimum (9000�5000 cal yr BP) 2018 Journal of Paleolimnology 60 51-66