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Cacciapaglia, C.; van Woesik, R. Climate-change refugia: shading reef corals by turbidity 2016 Global Change Biology 22 1145-1154
Dutra, E.; Koch, M.; Peach, K.; Manfrino, C. Tropical crustose coralline algal individual and community responses to elevated pCO(2) under high and low irradiance 2016 ICES Journal of Marine Science: Journal du Conseil 73 803-813
Pau, S; Okamoto, DK; Calderon, O; Wright, SJ Long-term increases in tropical flowering activity across growth forms in response to rising CO2 and climate change 2018 Global Change Biology 24 2105-2116
Wall, C.B.; Mason, R.A.B.; Ellis, W.R.; Cunning, R.; Gates, R.D. Elevated pCO(2) affects tissue biomass composition, but not calcification, in a reef coral under two light regimes 2017 Royal Society Open Science 4 170683