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Basso, B.; Ritchie, J.T.; Jones, J.W. On modeling approaches for effective assessment of hydrology of bioenergy crops: Comments on Le et al. (2011) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108:15085-15090 2012 European Journal of Agronomy 38 64-65
Dwivedi, P.; Khanna, M.; Sharma, A.; Susaeta, A. Efficacy of carbon and bioenergy markets in mitigating carbon emissions on reforested lands: A case study from Southern United States 2016 Forest Policy and Economics 67 1-9
Susaeta, A.; Lal, P. Impacts of Climate Change and Bioenergy Markets on the Profitability of Slash Pine Pulpwood Production in the Southeastern United States 2018 Forests 9 656