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Palmer, J.G.; Turney, C.S.M.; Cook, E.R.; Fenwick, P.; Thomas, Z.; Helle, G.; Jones, R.; Clement, A.; Hogg, A.; Southon, J.; Bronk Ramsey, C.; Staff, R.; Muscheler, R.; Corrège, T.; Hua, Q. Changes in El Niño - Southern Oscillation (ENSO) conditions during the Greenland Stadial 1 (GS-1) chronozone revealed by New Zealand tree-rings 2016 Quaternary Science Reviews 153 139-155
Sharifi, A.; Pourmand, A.; Canuel, E.A.; Ferer-Tyler, E.; Peterson, L.C.; Aichner, B.; Feakins, S.J.; Daryaee, T.; Djamali, M.; Beni, A.N.; Lahijani, H.A.K.; Swart, P.K. Abrupt climate variability since the last deglaciation based on a high-resolution, multi-proxy peat record from NW Iran: The hand that rocked the Cradle of Civilization? 2015 Quaternary Science Reviews 123 215-230