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Ajaz Ahmed, M.A.; Abd-Elrahman, A.; Escobedo, F.J.; Cropper Jr., W.P.; Martin, T.A.; Timilsina, N. Spatially-explicit modeling of multi-scale drivers of aboveground forest biomass and water yield in watersheds of the Southeastern United States 2017 Journal of Environmental Management 199 158-171
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Kleindl, W.; Stoy, P.; Binford, M.; Desai, A.; Dietze, M.; Schultz, C.; Starr, G.; Staudhammer, C.; Wood, D. Toward a Social-Ecological Theory of Forest Macrosystems for Improved Ecosystem Management 2018 Forests 9 200
Li, Y.; Zhang, L.; Qiu, J.; Yan, J.; Wan, L.; Wang, P.; Hu, N.; Cheng, W.; Fu, B. Spatially explicit quantification of the interactions among ecosystem services 2017 Landscape Ecology 32 1181-1199