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Bracho, R.; Natali, S.; Pegoraro, E.; Crummer, K.G.; Schädel, C.; Celis, G.; Hale, L.; Wu, L.; Yin, H.; Tiedje, J.M.; Konstantinidis, K.T.; Luo, Y.; Zhou, J.; Schuur, E.A.G. Temperature sensitivity of organic matter decomposition of permafrost-region soils during laboratory incubations 2016 Soil Biology and Biochemistry 97 1-14
Feng, W.; Liang, J.; Hale, L.E.; Jung, C.G.; Chen, J.; Zhou, J.; Xu, M.; Yuan, M.; Wu, L.; Bracho, R.; Pegoraro, E.; Schuur, E.A.G.; Luo, Y. Enhanced decomposition of stable soil organic carbon and microbial catabolic potentials by long-term field warming 2017 Global Change Biology 23 4765-4776