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Ellwood, E.R.; Dunckel, B.A.; Flemons, P.; Guralnick, R.; Nelson, G.; Newman, G.; Newman, S.; Paul, D.; Riccardi, G.; Rios, N.; Seltmann, K.C.; Mast, A.R. Accelerating the Digitization of Biodiversity Research Specimens through Online Public Participation 2015 BioScience 65 383-396
Wisely, S.M.; Glass, G.E. Advancing the Science of Tick and Tick-Borne Disease Surveillance in the United States. 2019 Insects 10 361
Yang, D.; Wan, H.; Huang, T.-K.; Liu, J. The Role of Citizen Science in Conservation under the Telecoupling Framework 2019 Sustainability 11 1108
Yang, D.; Yang, A.; Qiu, H.; Zhou, Y.; Herrero, H.; Fu, C.-S.; Yu, Q.; Tang, J. A Citizen-Contributed GIS Approach for Evaluating the Impacts of Land Use on Hurricane-Harvey-Induced Flooding in Houston Area 2019 Land 8 25