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Barker, B.D.; Horodysky, A.Z.; Kerstetter, D.W. Hot or not? Comparative behavioral thermoregulation, critical temperature regimes, and thermal tolerances of the invasive lionfish Pterois sp. versus native western North Atlantic reef fishes 2018 Biological Invasions 20 45-58
Nowakowski, A.J.; Watling, J.I.; Thompson, M.E.; Brusch IV, G.A.; Catenazzi, A.; Whitfield, S.M.; Kurz, D.J.; Suárez-Mayorga, Á.; Aponte-Gutiérrez, A.; Donnelly, M.A.; Todd, B.D.; Calcagno, V. Thermal biology mediates responses of amphibians and reptiles to habitat modification 2018 Ecology Letters 21 345-355
Nowakowski, A.J.; Watling, J.I.; Whitfield, S.M.; Todd, B.D.; Kurz, D.J.; Donnelly, M.A. Tropical amphibians in shifting thermal landscapes under land-use and climate change 2017 Conservation Biology 31 96-105