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Anandhi, A; Omani, N; Chaubey, I; Horton, R; Bader, D; Nanjundiah, RS Synthetic Scenarios from CMIP5 Model Simulations for Climate Change Impact Assessments in Managed Ecosystems and Water Resources: Case Study in South Asian Countries 2016 Transactions of the ASABE 59 1715-1731
Chaubey, I; Bosch, DD; Munoz-Carpena, R; Harmel, RD; Douglas-Mankin, KR; Nejadhashemi, AP; Srivastava, P; Shirmohammadi, A Climate Change: A Call for Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies Public Access 2016 Transactions of the ASABE 59 1709-1713
Her, Y.; Chaubey, I.; Frankenberger, J.; Smith, D. Effect of conservation practices implemented by USDA programs at field and watershed scales 2016 Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 71 249-266
Wang, R.; Bowling, L.C.; Cherkauer, K.A.; Cibin, R.; Her, Y.; Chaubey, I. Biophysical and hydrological effects of future climate change including trends in CO2, in the St. Joseph River watershed, Eastern Corn Belt 2017 Agricultural Water Management 180 280-296