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Mike Spranger

University: UF

Position: Professor

Department(s): Family, Youth & Community Science

Organization: UF

Location: Gainesville, FL, 32611

Phone: 352-273-3557

Website: http://fycs.ifas.ufl.edu/


I have thirty years experience in university extension outreach, administration, planning, development and evaluation. My work on climate issues began at 1989 IPCC Mitigation and Adaptation Workshop where I addressed topic of education and outreach. Past work includes working with such agencies as  NOAA, USDA, EPA and Sea Grant colleagues in development of educational workshops and materials on climate change for both formal (K-12) and informal educators at state, regional and national levels.    

I currently teach, conduct research and coordinate extension programs in the area of Community Development. 


Application Sectors

  • Government
  • Coastal Ecosystems
  • Urban and Rural Communities


  • Extension and outreach
  • Community Development and Engagement
  • Facilitation and Deliberation


  • Current issues of interest are in area of community capacity building, civic engagement and community resiliency with particular emphasis on the role of arts, humanities and design in these areas.    
  • Planning, development and evaluation of formal (K-12) and informal (extension and community-based) education and outreach programs that focus on climate change topics.